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Science - Biochemistry 2 - Lab Reports Library Support: Searching Instructions

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Steps in Online Searching

Steps in Online Searching:

Step 1: Think about your research topic.

- By analysing the topic, your search will be more focused

Step 2: Identify the main keywords and concepts

  Example: Buffer and ph; Centrifugation; Thin Layer Chromatography; Enzyme kinetics

Step 3: Locate and Access Resources

  - This LibGuide; Biochemistry Subject LibGuide, Blackboard: Science Library Resources

Step 4: Make use of Boolean Techniques (AND, OR, NOT) when conducting a search

Step 5: Write your report. Ensure that you acknowledge your Resources (Cite & Reference)

Practical Report Guidelines: Summary

The order in which to SUBMIT a Lab Report is:
Materials and Methods
Results (containing figures, graphs, tables, no calculations)
Calculations (general calculations and calculations relating to the experiment)

BOOLEANS OPERATORS: Learn how to combine KEYWORDS for better results

BIC 2A: Searching Techniques Instructions