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Science - Chemistry 2 & 3 - Organic & Analytical Chemistry: JoVE videos: Organic & Analytical Chemistry

JoVE: Science Education and Research Chemistry Videos

 JoVE Videos: Science Education: Chemistry                                          JoVE Research Videos: Chemistry

Organic Chemistry: JoVE Videos

JoVE Science Education - Chemistry videos

JoVE Core Organic Chemistry

JoVE Core Organic Chemistry explains basic concepts of stereochemistry, reactions, and mechanisms using concise and easy-to-understand animated video lessons. Additionally, the scientist-in-action videos demonstrate the application of related concepts in classical and original research experiments performed in today's laboratories worldwide.

JoVE Lab Manual: Chemistry

Comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for both instructors and students in introductory chemistry lab courses.


JoVE Videos: Organic Chemistry

This collection features techniques routinely used in the organic chemistry lab, focusing on regulating temperature and atmosphere during chemical reactions and post-reaction refinement

Organic Chemistry II: JoVE Videos


This collection covers the theory and reactions necessary to carry out syntheses on a more advanced level. In addition, a few videos introduce methods commonly used to analyze the reaction products such as infrared spectroscopy and polarimetry

Analytical Chemistry: JoVE Videos

JoVE Videos: Analytical Chemistry

This collection takes a broad look at quantitative analysis and instrumentation including electrochemistry, spectroscopy, chromatography, and mass spectrometry


JoVE Chemistry Lab Manual

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